Sitemap - 2016 - Deez Links

Deez 2016 MixLinktape

The Teen Vogue Thing

thinking about royalty & representation like

Deez Links: the Obama edition

The revolution’s happenin in ~~new york~~

'cause we are all deez

Keep calm and stay correct?

ugh fine here is a gilmore girls thing

This. Ad.

Parallel universe content coming atcha

on the delicate politics of frozen fish

thinking about breaking glass like

wittle new yorker rat living his/her best life

Deez Turkey countdown is on

Fake news, part deux

a young male billionaire is perhaps the strangest creature of all

What does ~ the Coates ~ say?

Because we can all use a little cathartic anger via a parody follow-up

Post-election links, volume 1

Best use of livestreaming, full stop

Do you hear the people scream???

Ford every [revenue] stream...

With CNN, ya win some and definitely lose some

Reigning absurdities & other problems

Fabulous smackdown should be its own TV genre tbh

Petri does it again (and again!)

Trunks over Trump

links for cuffing season, the Linsane and bamf women journalists

Send this headline to all ur fave marketing friends

Bots, since your real friends never text you back anyway

Hail to our new prince of media

brb would like to exchange this reality for another

The plight of print journalism, as told with meat

When they go low, we go all Selena Gomez

National Archives gets hip & with it

Fave election forecast map so far...

Hail to the new jefe

How do you do, fellow peers??

No party or clique — but definitely not THAT clique!

obamatober in full sweet, you guys

New format, who dis?

RT 4ever: “Women’s magazines are secret weapons”

the rabbithole of Instagram hoaxes is dark and full of terrors

I guess "let's go consume some VR content" doesn't have the same ring to it...

easier said than done, NYT

maybe nothing in moderation, tbh

wait like is this how normal people feel about the actual Super Bowl

Not to be confused with Sarah Silverman

cool ladies (laDEEZ?) in the media

A brief history on ~SponCon~

RT → NYT to Trump, "STFU"

Would Great Gatsby have passed muster by an algorithm??

What do ex-Gawkers dream of? probs this.

darn liberals and their feel-good videos!

Fashion & empowerment in 2016, plus the one link you need to understand the Fox shitshow

TNC, re: the media, re: HRC

truthers need hobbies tbh

today's links: coke (not that kind), your 20s and #goals

HuffGoals tbh

autumn is for ~APPLE~ season

Prokaryote Media

books still on point

the Holy Media Product Grail cometh

do any of us really need MORE Weiner though

Kentucky, examine your shit

Really Important Pronouncement On The State Of The Media

Still too many scumbags at large TBH

some seriousness 4 your thursday

The Gawk Rises

more media #hillprobz

I want my Olympic triumph in snackable content plz

woke values first, t-shirt advertising as such, second

newsroom lawyers are the responsible moms of journalism

Stunt (journalism) is our habit, apparently

have you hugged your journalist today??

how about that Monday Misogyny eh

formula for the best sports ads IMO: earbuds → music → sports → eMoTiOns

who wants cake when you can have Barack by the ocean??

why did it take this long to think of a dinosaur chatbot tho???

*sings 'Fight Song' under breath until the end of time*

Deez Democrat women amirite

finally! an algorithm that gets you!!

the gun death infographic everyone needs to see

bots in Cleveland

deez links for the soul

no word yet on how many girls actually named Ashley Madison have filed for a name change

Berniechu be like "I choose you!!!"

TFW Teen Vogue is woke

Literal must-reads for this week

J-school or a solid screening of"Devil Wears Prada" are prob. pretty interchangeable


argue with someone this weekend about the gendered implications of "hustle"!!

TFW your favorite netflix show is like, real?

where are the little golden chainsaw awards though

When video streaming is crucial to ~democracy~

Medium, the internet vigilante we (maybe?) deserve

s/o to BuzzFeed for election coverage we can all actually relate to

also they should do a tote line

The Sun headlines should be its own artform, tbh

Links of ice & fire

*DJ Khaled voice* who's gonna win a LYYYYOOOONNNNNN????

But rly, let’s escape into the music

in which the gawker shitstorm hath hit the fan

Thoughts on media dodgeball??

Sorry not sorry female achievement narratives get me eMoTiOnAL

down with corporate BS, up with subway dancing, and lol @ millennial dating/marketing


2 Friday listicles for ya

like is your business model "news for Barbie" or....??

how truly lucky we are to be alive right now

'cause gymnastics > rich angry men

power women + the perfectly punny newsletter name

today in embarrassing pay gaps...

You go, Jay Fielden

Congrats, Class of 2016! Please turn this industry around but without stealing our jobs!

It Pays To Be A Man, Part 2938573098

Why you should Kare about the Kards

Video viewership clusterfuck prompts ultimate philosophical question: what is “seeing,” really?

Gray Lady & co.

ummmm so about that link...

This week: The Cool & The Ugh

So a strategist and a consultant walk into a bar…

Facebook censorship?!?!?, aka, WE KNEW IT!!!

Emotional labor havin’ a moment like :’(

Just ~be yourself,~ unless you’re a media company I guess?

The earbud generation: consuming content + also investing in the hearing aid market

About to ruin the Facebook "trending" section for u

The Epic Pork Essay You Didn't Know You Needed

Bc seeing those awful high school Facebook photos again is actually a privilege!

some un-sisterhoodliness we need to tackle

“Because dating is nothing without food!” ← what this campaign’s tagline should be

Guest Links: The best and worst of #Lemonade think pieces

Media industry got 99 (million?) problems but ideals ain’t one

deez pop culture recs

Prez Obama will soon b going ho-o-o-ome

Yasssss period journalism is having a moment yassss

NY navel-gazing or public service — ¿Por que no los dos?

A game of media industry “Would You Rather:” 1 trillion views or 1,000 true fans?

well the word got around, they said, "This gig is insane, man!"

Don’t show him pictures of dogs if you don’t want to b a tease, I guess?

My fate, your fate, it’s all up to F8!

talking smack about A.I. assistants and their personalities

eyeshadow, plz, but hold the misogyny

[footage of] Hillz on the sub going round and round

What Would Aaron Sorkin Do??

Come for the diversity, stay for the A+ Silicon Valley goss

meet the reporter who will take all of our jobs one day


ok but who DOESN'T have a book-writing fetish


Profiles of the women, by the women, BUT FOR ERR’ONE

from garbage ye came, to garbage ye shall return

would that all political analysis came with a Magic Mike palate cleanser

It’s okay if you, too, secretly call her Ann FriedWOMAN

Waxing on women + wages

Refinery29’s social consciousness + scrollsperience game on POINT

coming soon: vom bags for the purist editorial friend in your life

when pop-ups just get u & ur indifferent ass self

Current state of the media: Jon Snow

This town ain’t big enough for civil discourse AND garbage fire

The acronym that applies to virtual reality but also Jameson

360 video that won’t affect your cool cred

Dangerous(ly underpaid) women

V. useful actually

Why True/False should be on your woke little hipster doc-head radar

tbh Lady Showrunners would be a great band name

Let’s talk about Joanna Coles

Celebrating all deez women

Ol' paper and sunlight comin' thru

Tackling stains but yes also patriarchy

The kids are more than all right at the internet

🎶 Mobile reading is supreme / The publishers will scream / for Google Greased Lightning 🎶

Deez are my ~election confessions~

Make “the dolphin” your #MCM

A brief Q&A on Kesha

Ladies, leave yo reinforced norms at home

S/o to all the journalists too poor to dare to do this with an iPhone

'cause iPhones and quesalupas got nothin on ~media innovation~

The Mad Max edition

It's the news app that texts back