Sitemap - 2017 - Deez Links

bonus link for all you ~global citizens~ of the 'net

one last (& suitably cheery) link for 2017...


kiddos will save us all

Deez Interviews: Meet the NYT political reporter who’s got the deets on Russia, 2017 news cycle sanity, and the NYT's best meatballs

It’s called status look it up

Even the fiction is getting on that 2017 scary train these days

Tl;dr, good storytellers get laid more


In praise of radical copyediting

Deez Interviews: Meet the globetrotting freelancer living your millennial lifestyle wet dream

“It is incumbent upon you to put a fucking boot in the face of the soulless careerist.”

the agony & ecstasy of insouciant meme merchants

s/o to the sausage making

dude heroes getting harder to come by

Deez Interviews: Meet the ELLE assistant editor who believes woke content & hand-held steamers are the future



ugh, about those pics...

playing god in photo essays

On the “race writer”...trend?

the best traistertake yet

Deez Interviews: Meet the BuzzFeed video producer whose hands you’ve probably seen in your newsfeed

the year of the push notification

the revolution will covered in Teen Vogue

the information age goes insane

where's the Batman to our Gothamist though

shock & roast

A season of want

more sexual harassment reading, i'm afraid

Deez Interviews: Meet the Guggenheim publishing assistant thinking about the power of gatekeeping in art and media

Choire Sicha on style & survival

The revolution will be Google Doc’d

Love is all around and stuff

new magazine era who dis

Deez Interviews by proxy: reporting on sexual assault

TFW they make dating almost seem fun

Come for The Daily sausage-making, stay for the Mikey Barb “Happy Bday” mashup

🎶 mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Obama’s portrait aesthetic 🎶

you know what's spooky? MEN

Deez Interviews: Meet the award-winning litigation reporter helping lawyers get some damn maternity leave

How to not pull a Harvey Weinstein in **one easy step**

brb looking forward to the 2027 Oscars

On the original & most effective women’s media network: gossip

omg hiiii! + How To Career

Deez Interviews: Meet the rising star podcast producer whose All Things Considered resume line item is, yep, intimidating af

Ban resumes

Welcome to the Elaine Era

on The New Yorker tote as the humblebrag (humblebag??) of our time

Deez Interviews: Meet the editor with a no-fail 2-step plan for improving LGBTQ representation at your publication of choice

Members of Trump’s inner circle — they’re just like us!

Link attached this time...

Required reading: Tolentino on Houston

no bajillion-dollar textbooks required

More video absolutely more problems

This Site Reveals The One Brutal Truth About Mic

Waking up with Mikey Barb >>>

new Cut who dis??

Deez Interviews: Meet the photojournalist and First Amendment defender you’ve definitely seen on YouTube

"Should I balayage?"

can't miss links on Charlottesville & state of the union

Be the no-nonsense interview subject you wish to see in the world

Deez Interviews: Meet the Snapchat maestro with a direct line to the news consumers of tomorrow

real q: DOES IT GRAM??

attn: international expansion-minded publications: be like Paul

links for optimizing your $$ and networking

Is media 2017 really handling civil discourse better than media 1998 tho

Deez Interviews: Meet the copywriter who wants you to give a shit about something

annotated transcripts for the masses, plz

dude maybe just drive

Cover letter (& overall courage) goals

the new plan: fuck advertisers, get money!!!!

Deez Interviews: Meet the uncomfortably chill documentary journalist you wish you were

media moms & dads bout to be outta here

Copy desk to NYT: ugh you started wearing less & going out more

cc: C. Nolan

Free editing tips for the Times

I scoop, you scoop...

when chatbots start making you feel kiiiinda uncomfy

on that GOT content industrial complex...

Deez Interviews: Meet a former intern queen who’s now a red carpet pro

media has a class problem yo

Deez Interviews: Meet an event designer translating journalism for IRL

Video pivoters: congratulations, you played yourself

journalism's most epic walk & talk?

Deez Interviews: Meet an avocado advocate (advocado??)

the unsung heroes who've read all our bullshit

History > hysteria

beyonce & mean girls explain the state of the industry

Respect the long game

Taking on the WSJ “white castle”

~Pray for BugFeed~

Important journalism q: is a profile on a doll still a profile??

sleeves & sex 😗👌

The most legit pals

the best Rolling Stone 2014 fuckup autopsy out there

Reality shows wyd w/women??

Reading about writers reading = new drink of choice

lyrics site lessons

on the economy of girl teen-ness

M. Sullivan is not here for your shit

email game too on point

“Boing boing, bitches”

So mobile spending is up, and oh also we might all exist in The Sims World one day guys

~no escape from reality~

escape from the digital colosseum

The internet feminists built

more than Very Unique Cases

an Ariana-themed letter I wish I didn't have to send

Go to the damn party!

read & react

theDirt on theSkimm

HBD, baelantic!

more comics content 2k17, please

News & big moves from the Huff

all brand, take note

on #trendy personal finance

TFW you wanna be a hero but also have a 401k

NPR drinkin' that hones-tea...

channel your inner demandress

The public relations of self-love

Humans of Craigslist Platonic Ads

Melania wyd???

Girls + one 'broso

how to quantify the fast & furious

pretty peach

the man the myth the blue bottle legend

Hillz <3s gifs and other takeaways from Women in the World

all eyes on Lydia

there's tone deaf, and then there's bleeding, ruptured ear drum carnage

Slideshows & pay gap woes

Big Little Lies >>>>>>

pfffft, amateurs...

2005 flashback & commencement speech crack

all art history lectures should be like this tbh

ZING: “journalists know that there’s merit in reporting on race and gender metrics… except when they’re our own”

The style guide for not sounding racist

TFW you feel relief for the first time since November???

quality bookmark material

The devil wears millennial pink

About that Styles section...

love for lady journo longform

someone let me know where Daniel Craig figures in on all this tho??

adjusting Wikipedia for #herstory

Ugh RIP Lucky Peach

Hot damn, Pam!

mags & lies: a snow day reading list

WSJ's brand campaign is a J-school love song

fragile beta masculinity on the mind

the Twitter account you need to follow today

on love & links

ayyo NYT, the ~truth is~ you have some things to get in order

Watch your back, Nicholas Sparks

Brb nominating this for Facebook Comment Response Hall of Fame

Come for the alt-right deep dive, stay for the terrifying fairy tale metaphor

Monday mood: mortal af

no 👏 more 👏 pipeline 👏 excuses! 👏

Heroes or nah?

we get the moderators we think we deserve

the NYT is your ambitious older sibling who just can't chill, can she

~Long weekend links~

Targeted Ads Against Trump

more for the Bacheloron thinkpiece canon

Valentines for the office environment bc work is all of our boyfs rn…


“Head to toe Gucci every day, baby!”

And the award for trolliest shopping guide ever goes to…

look at your life look at your choices


'Bowled over (ok it's monday people)

alt-media for your alt-reality

the revolution will not be televised, but maybe sent in a newsletter?

love, history and other quaint things

carry yourself with the confidence of a billionaire Silicon Valley coward

So engaged your gonna need your ring size

i just...HOW?

The Guardian looks ahead

moving links to moving pictures

The ’Feed on that #PultizerHustle

thinking about 2020 like

not-so-Fri-yay links

oops okay here is an actual picture of saltbae


serious next level e-commerce

from one Tinyletter to another

On magic solution media ventures...

​ Because moms shouldn’t be the only ones to care about bylines

must be a coincidence

new year new #democracygoals