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if we had each others’ mailing addresses this would be my holiday card to you

this year’s top Deez Interviews

this is the best books list

good winter = good content

new york mag's got the best looks

Deez Interviews: Meet the journalist-turned-therapist who now helps reporters deal with secondary trauma  

you're gonna want to Pocket these

Why don’t hollywood dudes just admit they all have the same boring reporter lady kink like at least we can work from there 

everything you ever wanted to know about gift guides

i'm going to need more info on this workplace environment, please

Deez Interviews: Meet the Mother Jones climate reporter breaking through the noise and making sure we don’t get too hung up on plain old hope

why are we not talking about this incredible margaret atwood q&a

hearst does a union busting; website not even that good

TikTok & the universal parents’ house aesthetic

Deez Interviews: Meet Oset Babur, the restaurant editor who earnestly loves Chili’s, panettone cakes, and non-micro-managed interviews

Never not trying to win the approval of demons

weird alison roman flex, but ok

ok but how DOES she do it!?!

Deez Interviews: Meet Kate McKean, the literary agent with the best advice on building your platform and dealing with the slo-mo publishing industry 

The Atlantic taking its New Englander roots maybe too seriously???

Hey kids you wanna see some media salaries

Until further notice, this is now a radhika jones fan club 

ty PWB for getting the phrase “turtle Ibiza” into Vogue and our lives

Deez Interviews: Meet the Vox Media UX researcher who only wants you to go to grad school for the right reasons 

Exclusive: Substack’s writer fellowship gets you $3K, a support team, and a fun SF meetup if yer a lucky one, Harry

every editor rn about to deeply consider how much their biggest writers are *really* worth

so THAT'S why all those illustrations look the same

celebrate the normie days, too

Deez Interviews: Meet the SELF commerce editor whose Google Doc holiday wishlist game will inspire you

What the Deadspin battle means for all of us

which Condé Nast feature should you read??

there are LEVELS to this newsweek death spiral, man

Deez Interviews: Meet the Meredith senior editor behind those special edition mags you always see in the checkout line

ELLE reminding us re: the opioid epidemic that it's personal

sometimes you just wanna see if anyone's cleaned up the trainwreck yet

on overtourism, the human flow, and checked bags

Deez Interviews: Catching up with R.O. Kwon on answering that writerly calling, insomnia-fueled application mode, and endurance training for that next novel

Wait why are we not talking about this Marianne Williamson detail

the essay about Silicon Valley that reads like fiction but is def not fiction

If content is life……...what is life but... just... MORE content???

Deez Interviews: Meet the GQ sex & relationships columnist who also writes THE advice newsletter you need to be mainlining

the money diary gods smile down upon us

lessons to learn from Twohey & Kantor

escapism for all

Swapping out emotional labor for “glue work”

Deez Interviews: Meet the satirist who reveals her process for “staying funny" and the biggest mistakes she sees first-time humor writers make

the first casualties of Vicefinery & New York Vox Mag

more proof that “shrek” is a cultural treasure 

i think about this bagel emoji post all the time and you will, too

there will be so many more Tavis

so we messed around & wrote a short story...

Deez Interviews: Meet Vulture’s new literary critic who’s got the best dish on the publishing world and also the crossword community??

very cool that we can’t trust numbers anymore 

oh so NOW capitalism is icky

You need to read that Jenny Odell book

Deez Interviews: Jessica Pressler on how it feels to see “Hustlers” become a movie — and how she accidentally wound up telling the best and scammiest stories in town

Deez Interviews: Meet the Poynter Leadership Academy organizer & writer behind “My Sweet Dumb Brain” who wants you to get paid, stay open, and support each other!!

teach the celine piece along with the gay talese piece, u cowards

two reasons why you should keep working on that draft

more reading on writing & running

happy deez2k!!!

Deez Interviews: Catching up with Nicholas Thompson on his running commute (figuratively, obvi)

supporting Summerhouse is an act of patriotism tbh

Some light reading on colonialism if that’s your thing

a 2019 media version of "Would You Rather" where no one not named Jim/Bryan wins

what having "new old Taylor" means for us

Deez Interviews: Meet the Pop-Up Magazine exec editor with a penchant for the “surprising” side of every story

in hating on influencers...are we really hating on ourselves?

we do love a naturesplainer boi

class war ex email newsletter

Guest Deez: everybody's talking about The 1619 Project

Deez Interviews: Meet the Tasty producer who quit college for a life of internet fame, cooking on camera, and cookie dough

Maggie Haberman had to WHAT?????

“Want to look good in your wedding dress? Put it on. Walk down the aisle lined with everyone who loves you.”

live long, prosper, and don't even TRY to compare

campaign coverage via text screenshots...we're into it

Deez Interviews: Meet the MEL Magazine deputy editor who’s pioneering “featurettes,” the future of brand-supported storytelling, and a men’s magazine for “men we actually know”

So that ol’ “media elite” perception? here's one reason it exists

more reasons to board the substack wagon

Required reading: what bullets do to bodies

2 ways to do a “24 hour” story, both great but to be used wisely!!

Deez Interviews: Meet @artdrunk, the art influencer writing super accessible Insta captions, shaping the industry’s content game, and juggling a LOT of receipts

West coast/everyone, watch your lunch

This sixth-grader…….love him. hire him.

Let’s get this party started and *checks notes* start charging late fees!!!!!

pick your player: crane wife or cat person?

Deez Interviews: Meet the (anonymous) owner of the @bagdogs Instagram account you should all be following 

ICYMI: meet an Atlantic editor, an STL reporter, and a Wirecutter pro

ICYMI: three Deez Interviews you gotta read

TFW you learn that “networking” is just expressing interest in an eager human way??

Re: Orange Is The New Black: “an odd, sometimes ungainly, yet majestic being”

Deez Interviews: Meet the Rolling Stone writer who incorporates karaoke into her creative process and wants you to know that everyone else (famous or not) is also a huge dork, too


this is for you, poster nerds

the plight of asian-american mags and general media amnesia

Barbie sees us trying and she laughs at our lame human effort

Deez Interviews: Meet the WSJ personal finance writer who’s got amazing Day 1 job advice and is generally changing the entire landscape for women in work nbd!!

oh hey we're in vanity fair

well stranger things got that right

I do hate to waste a good cover

Not one but TWO cool projects to keep on your radar this summer what a STEAL

Deez Interviews: Meet the writer behind the new ~fast food culture~ book that’ll change the way you think about the U.S.

mostly none of this is fair

links 4 lovers

“This was just what happened when 28-year-olds managed 24-year-olds who managed 20-year-olds, right?”

actual l'art de twitter

Deez Interviews: Meet the fitness editor who’s balancing “work” workouts with his Muay Thai practice, and also thinking about how to interrogate masculinity nbd!!

leave work early today

so i never want to read the words “onetime Gawker whipping bro” ever again pls

everyone got their Nice Face on??

Deez Interviews: Meet the illustrator behind the Crazy Rich Asians cover & some of your fave NYT op-eds


Get that ev williams money babes

"those lyrics are outside of time and gravity"

thinkin about meryl & motherhood performance

Deez Interviews: Meet the tireless news & entertainment writer who’s trading in the New York media scene for Maine

all eyes on Vox

media: just one big boat race since 1827

this is not a sign to get bangs

the details of Always Be My Maybe are what make it

Last call for Deez Totes!

Deez Interviews: Meet the humor writer whose Shouts & Murmurs you’ve definitely seen (and maybe felt a lil personally attacked by)

The lit shot, explained

nyt evolving her IG story game i see

One very belated reaction to ‘thank u next,’ from yours truly

Deez Interviews: Meet the Eater staff writer who’s shaking up the food media bubble

TIL you gotta be careful when using an ex as a book character

Maybe timewalls are the new paywalls??


maybe don't make fun of your sources

um remember when a blog won a James Beard Award??

5 of our fave Deez Interviews so far

it was only a matter of time before we got an "i dated beto" essay tbh

'99: a good year for Wintour puns & print mags

What happens when local media have to literally weather the storm

Can we all take a blood oath to help keep TikTok this wholesome

Deez Interviews: Checking in with internet culture reporter Taylor Lorenz on personal vs. professional Instagram time, and how to build rapport w/teen sources

prolific women: may we know 'em, may we be 'em

Tbh we’re prob a solid 3 on the justice-seeking scale here

Talk about a buried lead when there’s a CHAMPION OCTOPUS CATCHER in this story!!!!

The Correspondent’s whole “reader trust” thing is...not looking great

Deez Interviews: Meet the journalist/entrepreneur/author who foresaw the power of a solid commerce strategy & then wrote **the** book on female workplace friendships

the uneasy relationship between lady dollars and lady mags

a distinctly 2019 situation at The Markup

yes that AOC doc is good!! we've seen it!!

wapo reuses/recycles its best climate coverage

Deez Interviews: Meet GQ’s newsletter wiz who’s also reimagining the sex & dating conversation in the post-#MeToo era

what that pot date essay & russian doll have in common

good DNA brand synergy

In praise of The Robyn Plan

Deez Interviews: Catching up with The Longform Podcast’s Max Linsky on how he prepares for each interview, which dead writers he’d have on the show, and why it all kind of feels like a scam

Everlane & NYT try to brand climate change; Nieman Lab gets SPICY

A+ response for when your company’s been sold

The case against “the great millennial novel”

Quick fic PSA

Deez Interviews: Meet the podcast wunderkind who wants you to hustle as if no one’s watching, & live as if your computer could explode at any moment

the best literary use of "little ice floes" maybe ever

“The New York Times sent out an alert; NPR did the same. His death trended on Twitter.”

the devil works hard but publishing houses work wayyyy harder

the perils of putting good stuff out in the insta vacuum

Deez Interviews: Meet the LA Times correspondent who’s got stellar advice for any newsrooms wanting to get ~organized~

sry to be part of the recommendation industrial complex

add this to your ~get rich~ vision board

gotta bundle or be bundled

Deez Interviews: Meet the CEO of The Pudding, who got into data viz from obsessively designing slides

some most unchill wikipedia behavior

so here's the tea on Salty

a take home test? in THIS economy??

The youths know how to Google Doc better than all of us

Deez Interviews: Meet the journalist whose indie women’s mag was waaay ahead of its time (and who foresaw Lizzo Mania!)

calendars = the new newsletters?

some full-time freelance fuckery here

@newyorker u okay though?

Good pep talk for 26-year-olds and also everyone else

Deez Interviews: Meet the former BuzzFeeder who gave us **The Dress**

there's a new ~smart cool media girl~ in town and it isn't teen vogue

tfw online platforms save us from the onani desert

"lip movement was 'consistent with chewing'"

hi digital labor movement! read this!


Deez Interviews: Meet The New Yorker’s director of newsletters who’s sharing all his best tips via one very helpful Google Doc

psa: your food coverage is probably too white

classic dude confidence move

A poem about crying at work?? Yes please

Deez Interviews: Meet the Catapult managing editor with a very pro tip on how NOT to address your pitches

links to help u ponder the weirdness of human connection today

read this, not that [cover story]

deez links turns 3!!!

some ariana links, obviously

Deez Interviews: Meet the CNN Travel editor who explains how the travel trend sausage is made + how her vacations are always on point

we have a crush on this data viz, you guys

for we are stressed and mortal and therefore fallible

have a subtle new year

Ask Annie, but make it apocalyptic

Deez Interviews: Meet the photo editor running **the** photojournalism fellowship you should be applying to (and also get her Instagram tips!)

damn we love a good sad ad

on magazine covers: we have some questions

The end of BuzzFeed exceptionalism?

Some freelancing resources for you

Deez Interviews: Meet the reporter behind that "Crazy Rich Asians" TIME cover story (And Today in Tabs veteran!)

actual ACTUAL self care

“One student at a time, we are creating a pipeline of bilingual journalists.”

"you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means."

your hogwarts study jam is here

hot cocoa is a crime and a scam

Now here’s one “why i’m leaving new york” essay i’ll def read

”Everyone is gross, hurrah for equality”

Deez Interviews: Meet the journalist who’s writing a women’s magazine-centric newsletter as a much-needed antidote to the Media Male Gaze

“Sublimating egos is part of the gig”

a good dicks vertical is hard to find

tfw dating is a bizarro dance of personal traumas and society expectations

So freakin ready for Cat Person part 2, 3, and more??

Deez Interviews: Meet the marketing mind behind The New York Public Library’s killer Black Friday ad & general on-brand prowess

yr tired vs. wired outlooks for 2020

against the hustle