Sitemap - 2018 - Deez Links

ty for loving us

Deez Interviews: Meet WaPo’s Tanya Sichynsky who’s out here helping single people be chef-y and making cookbook clubs a thing

if men got performance reviews

sheryl played us, but we also played ourselves

more watercolor content plz

Deez Interviews: Meet Bourree Lam, the Refinery29 editor thinking about female greed, the post-#MeToo workplace narrative, and America’s weird relaysh w/money

Quick reminder that “we” does not = “white people”

to ~the union~

never not into Anne Boleyn drama

Meet the Man Repeller’s director of partnerships who’s perfected the art of turning millennial female audience into a ride-or-die sisterhood

wrote about cuts (& other stuff) for The Cut he he he

your poly-sci professor wants u to read this

scads & scads of good quotes here

companion reading for ~thank u, next~ culture

Meet the Vanity Fair Hive editor who’s keeping an eye on the Fab Four in Congress & also like, a billion newsletters

you're not SUPPOSED to be good yet

if the cut & buzzfeed had a baby...

un grand news newsletter scandal!

Always blag your way in

Deez Links: Meet freelance journalist / playwright / “Brass Ring Daily” writer Kara Cutruzzula, who’s got some extremely pure career advice for ya

how the Lenny hath fallen

this is literally why your newsroom is so white

your Queen movie companion content

Alexa, caption this photo

Deez Interview: Checking in w/Jessica Valenti on **gestures expansively** all of this, her latest book, and why Twitter’s still worth it

Real ones go ink foraging, apparently

i could look at (some of) these photos all day

who's got a visual on natey silvs rn??

what would jesus tweet

Deez Interviews: Meet the Wirecutter writer with the stellar snack choices, stringent product testing methods, and a packed Amazon wish list

let women eat on camera, k thx

the skimm is a net good, you guys

some poetry counterprogramming for u today

The perfect Halloween-centric personal essay does not ex---

Deez Interviews: Meet the On Point producer finagling the finer details of a live radio show and who also has some good “Spotlight” goss

yeet links

thinking abt. mortality for fall? groundbreaking

welcome to the james parker fan club

tmz would have def. broken jackson & ally's wedding

we interrupt this programming for a brief witchy interlude

Introverts will save us (but extroverts gotta help us lol)

our fave running longread

kara swisher won't make your fuckin toast

Seeking: 1 bdrm w/ an octagonal writing hut

Deez Interviews: Meet the health communicator who A) does not approve of Juul and B) also would like to remind you it’s “health care” in AP style

imagine reading 'war and peace' via printouts

V. excited for Harry Potter & The Department of Facts

wow so jane & ronan really out here w/a google doc huh

"pink design moments" oh lord

Final call for Deez Links tote bag orders!!!

Deez Interviews: Meet the Iowa-based broadcast journalist who knows that being on camera is only a tiny part of the bigger job

love 2 ask polly

breadcrumbs & Beto stans

Glow-ups but for men, so we won’t call them makeovers **i guess**

we made Deez Links tote bags!!!

7 of our last interviews + some good news

"And, while you’re dying inside, can you be pretty?"

i honestly feel baptized

good vs. better meal prep content

things that are fuqqed: food, medical knowledge, judginess

Deez Interviews: Meet the St. Louis reporter covering race relations, police brutality, crime, and a real life “three billboards” controversy inside a microcosm of America

Extremely excited for all the Mars true crime podcasts though

the writing isn't even good you guys

brooklyn-centric tidbits

your daily career soulcycle

Deez Interviews: Meet The Atlantic magazine editor dishing out editorial meeting etiquette and her favorite indie quarterly

you know what's gauche? pretentiousness

tbh we should all get artist whisperers

the 9/11-adjacent novel that'll unnerve you

Meet the WSJ producer on the one thing publishers MUST deliver on when they’re making videos

even rihanna loves these paps

capitalist god of destruction

now you can't ever unsee it

why every insta photo looks the same

Deez Interviews: Meet the former Poynter fellow who’s looking to bring her reporting chops & passion for high school media literacy to her next gig

your story is worth more than $50

the regina george of languages

the winnipeg freep remixes on the NYT

Imagine what an incredible Instagram Story this would have made

Deez Interviews: Meet the Jezebel writer covering music, pop culture, and bivalves

actually, don't google it

all the asian links

take your earbuds out

bts on that cra

crossover events can be good

source up on your She-E-Os but also everyone tbqh

Deez Interviews: Meet the journalism ~platypus~ working on audience engagement at Seattle’s PBS station

make data pretty

an oddly compassionate exit interview

GQ gets it

crazy rich corporationz

Deez Interviews: Meet the healthcare reporter who's breaking it down for the average joe (that's us!)

tired: going on vacations. wired: taking a ~creative hiatus~

the politics of being cover girl

summer deez news & housekeepin!'s new owner

personal bizness

Why were we so riveted by the Thai cave rescue?

JournoBnB but make it safe please

Deez Interviews: Meet the business school grad & new Facebook hire thinking about industry change, membership models, and that magical 20%

on hate mail

does anyone else miss participating in library summer reading programs, especially the ones with prizes

Deez Interviews: Meet the food writer who’s plugged into all the articles, recipes & hotspots that you’ll want to bookmark ASAP

Pro impact

some queer eye counter-programming

big deez energy comin your way!!!

Like just maybe you are not the expert here??

listen to the audio

3 interviews & some subway dogs

translation nation

TFW your entire strategy is ego

Deez Interviews: Meet the Cosmo video producer wrangling celeb shoots with Cardi B, Tan France, and more

A concept: love

color clickbait

Meet the co-author who helped write the entirety of “Hey Ladies!” on gmail

so what's up with unionizing though

Engines at the ready

come for the first person horror, stay for the reported-out deets

junior high popularity anxiety, just rehashed

so, how's that book coming along?

so i guess we're doing tv shows now huh

That windsor wikipedia rabbithole though

Deez Interviews: Meet the writer / reporter / researcher parlaying freelance work into an apprenticeship on what it takes to really publish a book

TIME to **recognize**

Reporting on rural regions 101

hair, hair!

Deez Interviews: Meet the defense reporter who’s fighting for government transparency & refusing to chase eyeballs for eyeballs’ sake

get thee someone who can seriously fux with your Squarespace

sacrificial email addresses at the ready!

Vogueing & video shorts

we love passive aggressive email chains as a book

Deez Interviews: 7 interviews you may have missed

more sumptuous editorial plz

seriously? you really don't have a newsletter yet?

reading "a mélange perfectly suited to the tinkerer’s heterodox taste" just made me FEEL richer tbh

more summer, less slideshows

got your novel idea here

The maybe one good use of an escape room??

well this went from wow how very black mirror to oh my god what is bonding even?? so quickly

Crazy representative asians!

Deez Interviews: Meet the NASA video/social producer making Pluto gifs and hanging out on ~space Twitter~

On pop-up publications vs. parachute journalism

keep your friends close and your morgans closer

the sicha section is already lookin amaze

dick jokes, but make them elevated

Deez Interviews: Meet The Atlantic editor helping to stake out the mag’s European presence

ESPN does fashun, too!

fashion's always a statement

"And they LOVE murals."

give it a reread

Deez Interviews: Meet the college athletics reporter on how sports are the snickerdoodles of news

yearbook kids are the future

Down with pinked-up content

Deez Interviews: Meet the former Apple Genius who's identified the magic ingredient for great podcasts & video

today in Passover-themed internet rabbit holes


"Speaking as a white man..." —most of media

that feminist editorial strategy finesse

audience targeting on LOCK

more educational Twitter please?

Deez Interviews: Meet the Adweek designer who's into media brand ads and getting formal training from both "Fame School" AND YouTube

mall music nostalgia is a thing now, I guess

tl;dr, it's The Sisterhood of The Traveling Sleazebag

no major mag getting realer than NatGeo right now, IMO

the hauntingly personal stakes of healthcare made vivid

like it's cool but also what the fuck

Deez Interviews: Flashback Friday

PSA: please do not be insane about edit tests, y’all!

hawk drama is my fave drama

“You couldn’t tell if he was upset or angry.”

Deez Interviews: Meet the French journalist who wants the industry to remember its purpose (and to be funny!)

Coming to you from the intersection of suits, strollers, and “HIPSTERS EVERYWHERE”

yes you should read that roommate piece

the genius comedic structure at work with Ali Wong

Wakanda 101

Deez Interviews: Meet the culture editor from an online video outlet who has seriously helpful tips for your first onscreen appearance

a sports vertical just about athletes' eating habits please

wow, ok, so: Wakanda

and lo, the portraits came unto us

Deez Interviews: Meet the former Hillary for America graphic designer who has tips on avoiding burnout and getting involved in 2018

maybe hunter s thompson invented gonzo journalism, but caity weaver has perfected it

“I recently had to delete all of my baby tweets. Cause they were all like, ‘Hi dad.’” honestly same

we're not even close to done re: cleaning house

Impact > numbers, kthnx

this is a white

love the skin yr in (and SEO your takes on other people's, I guess)

Deez Interviews: Meet the clean energy reporter leaning into the wonkiness & staying optimistic

zine heaven

get u an editor who can deal with your zany

Deez Interviews: Meet the strategist who’s interviewed Gay Talese for his blog

report responsibly, y'all!!!!!!!


Deez Interviews: Meet Drone Girl!!! AKA the blog founder now parlaying her expertise and mad hustle into a full-on media empire

so this is power huh

did you guys know her name was supposed to be "orpah" winfrey??

totes on brand

Deez Interviews: meet the audience researcher who knows how crucial it will be to understand Gen Z

i think we can be done with youtube, guys

Best use case of Harry Styles’ music yet

2018 resolution: no more overkill media safari rampages plz