Sitemap - 2020 - Deez Links

ok sorry one last link lol

Q&A with Radhika Jones: “Each day you’re making the call about what stories to pursue, and those choices add up.”

deez links annual shareholders report 

The best advice, wisdom, and general gems from this year’s Q&As

Q&A with Anne Helen Petersen: "It's not that they're fans of me so much as fans of that attitude."

revisiting "living room" from 2015

Q&A with Cord Jefferson: “To really feel like I've entered a different realm of success, I would want to make my own stuff.”

some tiktoks i personally and wholly enjoyed

Tina Brown’s diana book. That’s it. That’s the link.

Q&A with Hunter Harris: “My average is one movie every other day. I love Two Movie Days”

Q&A with Ed Yong: “It’s like staring into the abyss, and the abyss is shouting LOL HOAX into your mentions.” 

lauren oyler just saying all the quiet parts out loud huh

move over FB and Twitter…’s Substack and TikTok’s internet now

if you (or someone you know!) need some healthy scaremongering

thinking about the creator economy vs. local journalism

thinking about deprogramming, for no reason whatsoever

quick reminder that no one know dis

Deez Interviews: Naomi Shavin on looking at podcasts through a magazine-y lens + the ideal daily show length

why do another Trump Country Diner Story when you could do a Middle America Bath & Body Works story I'm just sayin

wtf re: that nick quah profile

Deez Interviews: Daniel Lombroso on how making a doc about the alt-right changed his relationship with his sense of identity

the shonda rhimes ticket story is also a labor story i think


one mystery solved, a million more to go

Deez Interviews: R. Eric Thomas on Twitter joke cycles + his election night plans

so why isn't the skimm getting snatched up too

TIL media twitter has always been “undignified, but fascinating”

for your bookmarking pleasure

Deez Interviews: Tristan Ahtone on taking cues from sci-fi to cover climate change + thoughts on journalism as a form

a mackenzie scott profile with major "the last great american dynasty" energy

Deez Interview: Stella Bugbee on stepping down from the Cut!!!

please watch “Dick Johnson Is Dead” 

well how about some ‘toks?

mom, where do new yorker covers come from?

Deez Interviews: Kara Swisher on pandemic-era interview dynamics + her newest podcast

anne helen petersen's book deprogrammed me

Just thinking about commodified interaction how about you

ya summer’s over but tote season is forever

Deez Interviews: Hannah Ewens on the state of modern fangirling + the work of documenting 00’s internet culture

on the rebellious resilience of being an ariana grande fan

yes, read the emrata essay

seriously why aren't we talking about radhika more

to tweet is human

Deez Interviews: Diana Moskovitz on Defector Media + how it feels to build your own workplace

the book of revelations has nothing on the Church of Climate Change

to be clear your september reinvention does not need to be "productive" as defined by The Man

the perfect journal for your new september personality

more columns should be monthly imo

Deez Interviews: Safy-Hallan Farah on the “divinity and cosmology” of our millennial internet brains 

interview more nurses!!!

Deez Interviews: Sable Yong, on debunking shame around beauty, dating, and the self

your allotted serving of sally rooney discourse awaits

in case you miss homework / structured learning 

The resistance will be branded in sans serif, apparently

Deez Interviews: Hannah Rimm, on the work of assembling those Money Diaries + making them more inclusive

tiktoks i would send you if we were in a big ol group chat (i feel like we kind of are?)

are we tired of rich people pandemic journals yet

who's up for some extremely bleak roleplay?

Last call for merch on our back to school sale!

Deez Interviews: Lauren Goode, on pandemic podcasting + how this all of this is changing our relationship with consumer tech 

incoming: the millennial digital existential crisis

“You hear about firefighters, doctors, but you never see, ‘Thank you, funeral directors.’”

iiiit’s merch sale season!

Deez Interviews: Jack Corbett — Planet Money’s “TikTok Guy” — on creating the "coherent weirdness" of those vids + getting called the next Bill Nye

Crowdsourcing is cool, but which crowd, exactly, are you sourcin?

well here’s a bunch of new substacks to follow, stat

The serious Swiftie’s “folklore” review 

Deez Interviews: Conor Gearin, on great science journalism rabbitholes + the best readings for connecting w/your ecological community

When the deck says “frat party-meets-biosphere vibe,” you gotta click

Ok but why is the Planet Money TikTok so weird and so good

“I appeal to all of you to get into this great revolution that is sweeping this nation."

Deez Interviews: Craig Newmark, on his daily media diet + grassroots giving strategy

“We need fewer food writers and more food reporters”

Quiz: Is this a Bari Weiss take or an article from Total Frat Move??

a tale of two coronavirus x food chain stories

meet the DMV’s newest zine

Deez Interviews: Aleksander Chan, on Discourse Blog’s journey and identity as a newsletter + how “it feels purer” this way

the attention span for institutional change? however long it's fashionable

‘roni lifestyle content is just asking people what they think about the dentist

who's got the most toxic culture of them all?

and you thought your job was hard over zoom

You could get a $25k advance or a whole entire $100K grant if you’re one of Substack’s next fellows

i've got your thursday night plans right here

even your "scrappy" faves aren't immune from toxic work culture

what if we stopped hazing the industry newbies

“This job is the ultimate backstage pass. It can make you believe in humanity, but it can also suck the humanity out of you.”

so obvi we had to interview that Men’s Health staffer about Phoebe Bridgers

Deez Interviews: Doris Truong, on the first real forward step every newsroom should be taking + who in the industry is doing it right (or at least getting close)

you should be reading this newsletter on race & power

Introducing: The Media Classifieds 

suddenly i have a lot of questions about elmo

Deez Interviews: Timothy Nwachukwu, on being a photographer during a time of ‘rona and protest 

the all of this

“These problems are not new, and they are not unknown”

What interviews with our elders teach us about playing the long game

while you’re waiting on that book order...

don’t want to hear from any white brands right now except ben & jerry’s 

“TV has long had a police’s eye perspective”

starter links for understanding + covering these protests

Deez Interviews: Tilden Bissell, on how fashion media has pivoted + where she goes for visual inspiration

wow cool gear where'd you get that

time for some ‘toks

i'm gonna think about genie chance every day now

this is the most chaotically good quarantine food essay 

Deez Interviews: Matt Pearce, on everything you wanna know about work sharing

7 fantasy media man beefs that I would like to witness 

All the essential tweets you need re: the Ben / Ronan situation (hereafter known as The 2020 Media Man Olympics) (alternate title: The Battle of The Boy Wonders god if only i could a/b test this)

What gets lost between the screens

if you have the shoppies + wanna support this newsletter...

Deez Interviews: Jessica Grose, on how the pandemic could change the parenting narrative + how she’s making it all work from home

thinking about facetime photoshoots

What if print journalism came with a lil packet of yeast rn

wait so is love marxist 

where samin leads, we follow

Deez Interviews: Hasani Gittens on service journalism during a pandemic + how THE CITY is adjusting

TIL about taco bell quarterly

The softest instagram account 

every detail in the history of this AIDS humor zine is unforgettable

wishing you plenty of peeled fruit this month

Deez Interviews: John Paul Brammer on his complicated relationships with authority, his advice column, and of course, Twitter 

a good apocalypse short story to ponder

the easiest way to stay up to speed on internet culture

So much of TV now is just slightly fancier YouTuber aesthetic and i love it 

For iowan parents, a different kind of service journalism

Signal Boost: Saturday edition

Deez Interviews: Ben Smith, on WFH life + his daily media diet 

TFW you double-majored in surgery AND eloquence

6 tiktoks that will make you want a quarantine pet so hard

why choose rat kingdom, you ask?

Signal Boost: Saturday editon

Deez Interviews: Cheryl Strayed, on turning the tables re: advice-giving + what she’s watching during quarantine

here is the link!!

love this baker story so much

On the aesthetics of authority or: Why We Are So Obsessed With Cuomo’s PPTs 

the link every nyer should have bookmarked

resources for freelancers + people looking for work

Signal Boost: Saturday edition

Deez Interviews: Jesse David Fox on getting into comedy journalism, interviewing comics, and what he’s watching during quarantine

netflix really into tiger stuff rn eh

You should read “weather” by jenny offill

ok jk my math is very wrong

the case for making crisis journalism free

Some more TikToks for u

Deez Interviews: Sophia Smith Galer, on TikTok fame + the importance of digitizing religion journalism

Another specific TV show rec + Wholesome video

are u sure u want ur hot take to be "catastrophe is kind of fun”?

can't NOT talk about the cuomo thirst let's be honest

productivity vs. "the work of care"

Deez Interviews: Joe Adalian on the streaming wars, his latest favorite show, and what it's like to cover huge change in the TV industry…twice!

*the* Atlantic piece you should read

Click and ye shall be soothed

"Everyone in the industry, they have no idea. They’re just so depressed."

extremely detailed TV recommendation for u

Deez Interviews: Amanda Mull on her career path + what fascinates her most about covering consumerism

Five tiktoks that made me rly emotional

Does anyone feel really soothed by reading sciencey terms over and over rn

The best graphic on social distancing 

3 interviews: ICYMI, Part 2 

3 interviews: Humor & satire edition 

3 interviews: Ladies Who Newsletter, Part 2 

3 interviews: Excellent Career Advice edition

3 interviews: ICYMI edition

Deez Interviews: Amber Jamieson on turning her investing know-how into a newsletter + podcast gig, plus her recommended resources on getting started w/stoncks

3 interviews: Ladies Who Newsletter edition

3 interviews: I Didn’t Know You Could Do That edition

3 interviews: interesting career paths edition

3 interviews: local news edition

Deez Interviews: Krutika Mallikarjuna on whether covering TV ruins the experience of watching it like a regular couch potato, plus her picks for most overrated + underrated shows

yep you should read the emily gould essay

oh to be a giant & profitable print mag

the line metaphor seems a bit obvious if you ask me

did ELLE get cold feet or were they just mad?

Deez Interviews: Max Tani on competing for scoops without losing your mind and covering the media itself

Link attached!!!

grow your newsletter 101 (like EXTREMELY 101 i am not kidding) 

Lol did wikipedia write this article

For your disaster prep reading list

Deez Interviews: Molly Duffy on covering “the last Iowa caucus ever" and how national outlets should be hyping up local coverage waaay more

Ok what is going on at Kickstarter???

click for some good media lady outfits

“I wish I had a picture of that hairball. I showed that hairball to so many people."

imagine copy editing this with a straight face

Deez Interviews: Liana Finck on her driftiest time of day, how confidence influenced her visual style, and posting on the ‘gram

TikTok & the trickiness of getting credit on the internet

silicon valley horror should be its own literary genre

tbh the Taylor Swift doc is good

last chance to be first!!

Deez Interviews: AmyAnn Cadwell on scaling The Good Trade up and taking the slow cooker approach for crafting content 

7 things the Knewz homepage looks like

never going to look at egg bites the same way again

About that WaPo reporter’s tweet debacle...

deez links merch, as a treat

Deez Interviews: Adrienne Green on less-than-linear career paths, moving from The Atlantic to The Cut, and the importance of regularly scheduled self check-ins

AITF?? (am i the freak here)

Review: “The Longing For Less” is a bait & switch in its loveliest form 

Deez Interviews: Kyle Chayka on his new minimalism book, the publishing process, and his one productivity hack

!!!!! “Today was good because I did not have to pee in a bottle.”

I see your coolly disaffected tinder profile and raise you…

truly cannot wait until these screenshots are in the Smithsonian

the darker side of the book-to-film boom

Deez Interviews: Heather Havrilesky on darkness, joy, and all that lies ahead

italian vogue forgoes the ol' photoshoot razzle dazzle (but just this once)

even if you’re a dog person, this story will destroy you

Is the TV show “You”...good? Well, it’s complicated

The hierarchy of bad posts