Sitemap - 2024 - Deez Links

“Unless you have vetted an item and determined its taste is surprisingly good, a party is not the place for it.”

“We have got to stop doodling these dogs!”

“Stop trying to be an influencer, stop trying to get the same shot as everyone else, and for the love of god, stop making lists!”

“I am the one, in order to avoid being roadkill, who must veer off … and let Monsieur Road Runner pass.”

“This so-called community will not rescue you from a k-hole.”

“You can tell from the glitter nails … that her style is genuine, even if it’s genuinely mediocre."

“The more we wax poetic about the incredible, feminist feat of cinema that was Barbie, the more we are lying to ourselves."

“It’s like a crushing hangover in a crowded bus terminal, except that everyone insists that you REALLY ought to enjoy yourself”

“In Berlin, I experience icks I never thought possible.”

“Why are you, as a 31-year-old, blaming ‘eclipse season?’”

“Unlike the Brits, we are not burdened by centuries of precedent or culture with these people.”

“God, can we hurry up and cancel Miley Cyrus again?”

“Circus behavior, and everybody is monkey, monkey, monkey, clown.”

“Don’t worry, you don’t really need to care about ugly and/or fat people while you’re reading this book.”

“Menswear is … a spindly glory hole that, if you dare jam your dick in, tickles for a second but mostly makes you feel broke and sad”

“Just send me the fucking photos!”

“In your search of greater meaning in this Sweetgreenified life, you decide to go to the climbing gym.”

“The whole thing looks like it was shot on a first-gen iPad”

"It’s impolite to preserve your plate as private property..."

Introducing: Hate Read

i travel to the place...i make the content...i write it off as a business expense... (japan travel doc inside)

emergency deez: notes on those 3 (yes I said 3!) Cut essays

each generation discovers the concept of “aesthetic” anew