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Deez Links Book Club *Podcast* Ep 1: Rusty Foster and I read “Stoner”

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Deez Links Book Club *Podcast* Ep 1: Rusty Foster and I read “Stoner”

Is Billy Stoner a pathetic man? Or is he just a horse?

Today, Deez Links Media LLC is proud to bring you the inaugural episode of the ✨ Deez Links Book Club podcast ✨, which is just a high-falutin way of saying that I’m tapping into the ol’ vintage Deez Interviews vibe and combining it with my heart’s truest desire, which is the act of getting together with friends and talking in detail about a book we read. This might be a monthly thing if I keep it together, or it might be a little surprise every time! We’ll find out!

For this episode—which of course is available to all paid subscribers of Deez—I’ve got the wonderful Rusty Foster, of Today in Tabs fame, as my esteemed guest. Real heads know that Today in Tabs is the best newsletter on the internet, full stop, and it has been that way since 2013. Tabs is basically the godfather of almost every links newsletter you read now (including this one, duh), and when I’m not badgering Rusty with business questions or surreal TikToks, he’s giving me life advice and internet lore. Sometimes we even discuss books! This past spring, we both wound up reading the 1965 campus novel Stoner by John Williams sort of by random coincidence and had VERY DIFFERENT interpretations of the protagonist, so that’s why we are gathered here today. (Tl;dr, Rusty thinks William Stoner sucks or might secretly be a horse????)

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