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do you feel this way too

september stuff

just saying hi

ttfn :’)

some weird Irascibles cosplay

more dog profiles please

she's everything we're insecure about, or: why we love talking about why we love Olivia Rodrigo

live q&a w/Terry Nguyen + more asian joy tiktoks

Q&A with Huge Ma (@TurboVax): “The short shelf life was a feature, not a bug.”

so can we make NFTs work for Black creators or what

your APD hive invite and some toks

sooooo bad vibes at Insider huh

3 good reads for you

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discussing optimism, somehow

Q&A with Ann Friedman: “What is good about being truly independent that I’m always thinking: Is this the way I want to do it?”

finding asian joy on (duh) tiktok

the promising accountability of the workplace confessional

4 good & quick royal interview links

pro tip if you're planning to tweet out The Screenshot one day

TV letter of recommendation for: The Great

Q&A with E. Alex Jung: “That's the thing about other people's ignorance: sometimes you can use it for yourself."

Q&A with Brady Gerber: “Carelessly-made art can do a lot of damage”

quick tok break (+ a covid-19 data workshop starting today!)

Clubhouse: for when you miss bumping into (or actively avoiding) people

on @deuxmoi & anonymity

some stuff i'm in

Q&A with Anna Golez on running your favorite Succession fan Twitter account, organizing 87,817 screenshots, and her Season 3 hypotheses

baby & wannabe TV writers, this one’s for you

on unimaginative interpretations of objectivity 

your inauguration week distraction tiktok emergency pack

unfortunately i too now love the show that all the dads love

Is it just me or is that lab leak cover story one big “haha what if...unless?” 

Q&A with Koa Beck: “I knew that if I executed the book the way that I wanted to ... I could no longer be the "face" of any women's media brand.”

Newsletter internships = the new foot in the door?